29 August 2012

Lesen macht klug und schoen 754 - Rebecca Chalker - Klitoris - Die unbekannte Schöne

In einer Art Sexualitäts-Workshop in Buchformat erfahren wir alles über die Vagina, Klitoris, weibliche Ejakulation und ein erfülltes Sexualleben :
Rebecca Chalker - Klitoris - Die unbekannte Schöne
Sachbuch - Sexratgeber

Orlanda Frauenverlag
D 2012, 208 S. mit Abb
ISBN 978-3-936937-92-3
€ 18.40
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Mit einem Vorwort von Mithu Sanyal, der Autorin des Bestellers Vulva - Die Enthüllung des unsichtbaren Geschlechts.

Aufklärung ist längst nicht mehr tabu, Sex seit Jahren in der Offensive und Porno angeblich sowieso in jeder Munde (oder Auge). 
Wie aber weibliche Sexualität nun genau funktioniert, was wofür da ist und wie ?es? zu ?handhaben? ist, bleibt oftmals trotzdem noch ein Rätsel. 
Lange Zeit hatte es die Klitoris nicht leicht. 
Für den Fortpflanzungsakt als unwesentlich erklärt, wurde sie viele Jahre übergangen und missachtet und mit ihr die weibliche Libido. Die Sicht auf Sexualität, so Rebecca Chalker, ist noch immer zu sehr männlich dominiert. Besonders die weibliche Sexualität wird viel zu oft in den Hintergrund gedrängt. 
Die Autorin selbst entwirft in ihrem Buch darum nicht nur einen komplexen und sehr eingängigen Einblick in die Welt der Klitoris und weiblichen Lust, sondern erzählt auch von der Rolle der weiblichen Geschlechtsorgane in Geschichte und Psychoanalyse. 

In einer Art Workshop in Buchformat erfahren wir alles über die Vagina, Klitoris, weibliche Ejakulation und ein erfülltes Sexualleben dank Sexspielzeug, Rollenspielen und traditionellen Sexpraktiken. 

Klitoris. Die unbekannte Schöne reiht sich ein in eine Reihe weiterer Sexratgeber und Bücher zur Frauengesundheit. 
Ob Frauenkörper neu gesehen, 
Sex in jedem Alter, 
Alltägliche Ekstase oder auch 
die Bücher zur homöopathischen Begleitung sexueller Potenz und Höhepunkte von Maria Schäfgen ? 

Orlanda steht für Themen rund um Sexualität und Lust. 
Klitoris. Die unbekannte Schöne führt damit eine Tradition fort und ist gleichzeitig ein Buch voller Erkenntnisse ? und das selbst im Jahre 2012.

In einer Art Sexualitäts-Workshop in Buchformat erfahren wir alles über die Vagina, Klitoris, weibliche Ejakulation und ein erfülltes Sexualleben dank Sexspielzeug, Rollenspielen und traditionellen Sexpraktiken. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen.

Rebecca Chalker
Rebecca Chalker hat einen Lehrstuhl an der Pace Universität in New York mit dem Schwerpunkt Kulturgeschichte der Sexualität. Sie hat mehrere Bücher zum Thema weibliche Sexualität veröffentlicht.http://www.facebook.com/beckychalker
Rebecca Chalker is an internationally renowned women's health writer and activist. Her books include The Complete Cervical Cap Guide, Overcoming Bladder Disorders, and A Women's Book of Choices: Abortion, Menstrual Extraction, RU-486. She edited A New View of a Woman's Body and How to Stay Out of the Gynecologist's Office. She has published articles for Ms., Village Voice, and Self, among other magazines and academic journals, and she often lectures on women's health and sexuality issues.
Rebecca Chalker is the author of famed book The Clitoral Truth. She currently teaches The Cultural History of Sexuality at schools in both New York and Florida and has been featured in numerous publications, such as Ms. and The Village Voice.

Presse bisher nur Englisch:

REVIEWS http://catalog.sevenstories.com/products/clitoral-truth
"A thorough, accessible guide that should be included in all health collections" —Library Journal
"[Chalker and Downer] . . . may have written the ultimate guerilla guide to reproductive choices." —Publishers Weekly

"The Clitoral Truth is Our Bodies, Ourselves; your favorite textbook; a Nancy Drew mystery; and the Good Vibrations catalogue rolled into one." —Salon

"Chalker demystifies the clitoris and gives women the knowledge that is rightfully theirs." —venusorvixen.com

"In this handy new book, Chalker . . . writes about the rarely discussed subject of female ejaculation, and revels in the many splendors of multiple orgasms." —Time Out New York

"The Clitoral Truth truly reflects the author's impressive commitment to guide readers to a level of exploration that can only be described as 'The Joy of Feminist Sex.'" —In These Times

We’re talking about the clitoris here, but there's more to it than that exquisitely sensitive pea-sized nubbin that everyone calls the clitoris. This explosive little bean is only the tip of a powerfully responsive organ system with at least 18 separate parts that function together to produce pleasure and orgasm. Of course, orgasm is not the goal of every sexual encounter, nor should it be, but seeing how the parts of the clitoris are arranged and work together can help us understand what happens during sexual response, or what isn't happening.http://www.ontheissuesmagazine.com/2009spring/2009spring_Chalker.php

The Clitoral Truth An Interview With Author Rebecca Chalker From Tracee Cornforth, former About.com Guide Updated July 17, 2009

Why did you write The Clitoral Truth?

A. In talking to women about sexuality, it became clear to me that the reason that so many women are disappointed in sex is that their sexuality is defined according to male standards. By this I mean that sex is intercourse-focused, which works very well for men, but not reliably for women. In addition, most women, men, doctors, and many sex therapists, still think that the clitoris is this teeny pea-sized bump, and that women's sexual response is not as powerful as men's. What people call the clitoris is just the tip (or glans), and is only one of many parts-that all have corresponding parts in the penis-and work in a similar way to produce orgasm. I thought that if women could understand how all of the parts of the clitoris work together to produce orgasms, that they would be better able to explore and enhance their sexual response.

Q. What is the extent of the clitoris? How does the female clitoris compare to a man's penis?

A. The clitoris has 18 parts some of which you can see-like the glans or tip, inner lips (called labia minora in medicalese) and the hood, which is equivalent to the foreskin in men. Then there are parts that you can feel, such as the shaft a cord about an inch long that is attached to the glans, and the urethral sponge which you can feel through the roof of the vagina. Then there are muscles, blood vessels, and nerves which you cannot feel, but which are essential in causing orgasm.

Before eight weeks of pregnancy, the genitals all appear to be female. At about eight weeks, the male fetuses begin to produce testosterone which causes the genitals to be rearranged to form the penis. None of this tissue disappears in the female fetuses, and consequently, the parts of the clitoris and penis are similar, just arranged differently. And both the clitoris and the penis work in a similar fashion to produce orgasm. The Clitoral Truth describes the clitoris in detail and explains how the parts all work together to produce orgasm.

Why Is It Creepy To Think About Parents Having Sex? Tue, 03/20/2012 - 13:31 Submitted by Rebecca Chalker

There are times in the lives of children, frequent or infrequent, when the parental bedroom door is discretely locked. Closed doors protect and evoke secret, but highly-charged activities. But as kids are often aware, the parents are not in there wrapping birthday presents or planning a surprise visit to DisneyWorld.
They are doing secret things, and the secret is not celebratory. The context of the activities behind the closed door becomes mythologized and the message is communicated to children that the locked door hides guilty indulgence in shameful activities, as attested by the trauma that unwittingly witnessing what Freud indelibly designated as “the primal scene” can often cause.

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